"Herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction." - Bob Marley 

Are you a medical patient who can't be seen walking into a dispensary? 

Are you scared of who will see you at the smoke shop? 

Then we are your "MIRACLE WORKERS" in disguise. We are a DELIVERY SERVICE that comes to you, yes call us up and sooner than later I will be at your door with the best meds you've ever seen before!!!

It's fast, reliable, and completely legit. I am a business owner who has a business license: UBI # 603-293-801. I am discreet when I come to your house and protect your privacy!!!! 

Call us today for your privacy to be concealed away!! 

Don't delay today for the meds you wanted may be gone tomorrow! 


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Chronic Deals

Get one of our hand made durable unbreakable bongs now. LIFE LONG BONGS are very versatile. They can be used with a flower bowl, or a quartz castle nail, or e-nail. The diffuser beads do the cleaning for you. And the only thing breakable is the glass downstem. We can customize the clear acrylic part with a special number or design to you liking by sand blasting it to a frosted glass appearance. Or how bout just a customized sticker on it? The ideas are endless. Price starts at $200 for the bong and goes up to $300. E-nail is $350, package together is $500 starting price. Ask me about how to obtain your own bong today!!!! CALL US TODAY 461-5668 TO GET YOUR PERSONALIZED LIFE LONG BONG ON ORDER!!!

Life Long Bongs come as you see above. They do NOT include a bowl. They do however can be used with a flower bowl or a dab bowl. We sell the Quartz Castle domeless nails that fit on the bongs for $40. But if you want an enail hooked up to it, we can make ya one for $350!!! Call us today for your own Life Long Bong!!!